Lia,Unset, 2485 Rendalen

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Rendalen municipality is the biggest municipality in South Norway with an area that consist of more than 3178 km². However,the population is only around 2.300 people, so here we've got enough space.

Here you can ride for days without meeting people. On the mountain plateaus lives the local reindeer tribe and in rivers and lakes it's possible to catch a lot of fish. In these surroundings you can get stunning nature adventures. By clicking on the illustration you wil get a detailed map showing our municipality!


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Some distances (km) from/to "Åkrestrømmen" in "Rendalen":
Koppang: 20
Røros: 144
Tynset: 75
Elverum: 116
Hamar: 142
Oslo: 248
Trondheim: 263

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