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One week trip

The trip for 2014 takes place August 23 to August 29

This year you'll have the unique possibility to join us for a one week trip. A trip where we offer you good experiences. You will experience untouched nature admixed with information about culture, history and local based food.


Day 1:
We gather togehter at Romenstad Farm in Rendalen, Norway in the afternoon. Before dinner we visit the horses in the stable. Dinner will be served in an ancient house from the 19th century. While you're enjoying your dinner we will tell you about the interesting history of the farm.

Day 2
Ater a lovely breakfast you'll get your horse. Safety is important. so you'll get the chance to get to know your horse before we're heading for the mountains. Today you will experience silence during your 4 hour's trip through the forest and in the mountain. We'll serve lunch on the way among heather and moss. In the afternoon we will reach to our mountain farm (Klettsetra) where we will sleep and spend the next days.

Day 3
After breakfast we will move to eastern part of the mountains along an old farm road. After som time on the road we will reach an old mountain farm where lunch will be served. After lunch we enjoy the stunning nature for a while before we start our trip back to our base.

Day 4
Today we will spend many hours on the horse back. We're heading for the mountains where you'll experience a stunning view towards Femund National Park and Sweden. It should also be possible to observe the flocks of wild reindeers. Totally we will spend 8 hours on the trip today.

Day 5
The first target for the trip today will be "Uglåfallet". Afterwards we ride to "Søvollen" mountain farm where we will be served lunch based on traditional food. An introduction to the history of the farm will also be given. Finally we will visit "Fortidsminneparken" (an area with ancient monuments). Here we get an insight in how to catch animals in graves or digged holes in the ground. When we're done here we start our trip back to our base (Klettsetra).

Day 6
Today we travel back to Romenstad farm (where we started Day 1). We're riding up to 1.200 metres above sea in the mountains. When we arrive the farm we bring the horses to their grazing land.

Day 7
After breakfast it's time to say good-bye to horses and the other participants, and start the journey home.

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